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The DNA of 3 RINGS Europe

3 Rings Europe is a company that specializes in the distribution and marketing of innovative cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

These expert treatments, highly concentrated in active ingredients, perfectly align with pharmaceuticals and cosmetology, resulting from many years of scientific research.

The founders of 3 Rings Europe, Christian Stadelmann and Julien Michoud, have nearly 15 years of expertise in multi-circuit cosmetics. For these two quadragenarians, who have developed a major Swiss anti-aging skincare brand, a successful business is based on human relations, kindness and quality.

Christian and Julien have inscribed their DNA in their company since 3 Rings Europe symbolizes their three children: Rachel, Christian’s daughter, and Alba and Adrien, Julien’s sons. The rings represent the link, commitment, and the idea of association and complementarity. These strong values have brought the two fathers together, instilling energy, cohesion, and mutual trust in developing their new project.

Two founders, one same vision

« Christian excels in financial analysis and operational management. He works in the back office on growth strategy and business development. Methodical and rigorous, he is also good at detecting innovations in the wellness market, based on a detailed knowledge of the sector and the expectations of demanding consumers looking for high-performance treatments. » Julien

Christian Stadelmann
Christian Stadelmann

« Julien is passionate about relationship strategy, B2B business development, brand positioning, retail and wholesale network management. He is at the forefront of the scene, in contact with clients and partners in Europe and internationally. His professional experience allows him to lead the development of our marketing networks as well as the management of multicultural teams. Highly charismatic and dynamic, he excels at building strong human and professional relationships. » Christian

Julien Michoud
Julien Michoud

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Business partnership according to 3 RINGS

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