LUXe Platinum – Biolux

Medical LED luminotherapy/photomodulation equipment for home health care. An innovative slow medicine sustainable solution.




The cutting edge of innovation, a limited collector’s edition!

Medical LED luminotherapy/photomodulation equipment for home health care. An innovative slow medicine sustainable solution. All our old devices in a single device, based on 5 wavelengths: unique in the world. Resulting from medical research.

One technology: photomodulation, which makes it possible to provide a wide variety of treatments thanks to a combination of specific doses. The LUXe Platinum device is connected to a mobile application, so you are guided and accompanied on a daily basis to follow your care.

19 care protocols to meet all the needs of the family!

The body: relieve pain, trauma, oedema or even osteoarthritis! Thanks to this device you will also be able to reduce scars, redness, tendinopathies and soothe radiodermatitis.

The face: LUXe Platinum treats a number of skin problems. Scars, rosacea, acne, skin aging, wrinkles, loss of tone, gray complexion. Biolux skin care products allow you to regain comfort in your skin. The skin is repaired, deeply nourished, elasticity is improved, the complexion is luminous and fresh. An indispensable tool in your health/beauty routine.

Hair: Fortify hair at the root, regulate oily hair, reduce hair loss, stimulate growth. It is a complete care program that is delivered by Biolux technology.

The +: the first aid kit, 3 treatments to use in case of shock/stroke, burns and other small everyday ailments!

The ++: 8% of the price is donated to the association HOPE! A superb association that offers free horseback riding and art therapy workshops for women with cancer.


Warranty period: 2 years – against any malfunction due to defects in materials and manufacturing.

You can activate your warranty from the day of invoicing by visiting the website

Duration of use: 25’000 hours.

Voltage: 100-240 V

Wireless use.

Battery with inductive + wired charge.

Strong points

  • Compact and lightweight: use it anywhere!
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Easy to use – UV-free
  • Wireless
  • Connected to a mobile application to facilitate care follow-up
  • 15 protocols in one


Device dimensions: 120 x 87 x 40 mm (4.7 × 3.4 × 1.6′′)

Weight: 200g

Content of the package

  • 1 device
  • Unlimited access to 19 treatment protocols – a LUXe Platinum exclusive
  • 1 USB cable
  • Protective goggles
  • Carrying case
  • User manual + Quick manual



  • Pain: as soon as pain is felt, this treatment is used to calm the pain. How does it work? The nerves are sensitive to light and will receive the luminous message that will “calm” and reduce the painful sensation.
  • Blows and shocks: calming the inflammation from the beginning of the process is possible with this treatment. It is used daily for all the “unexpected” events of life and also for inflammatory problems (sprain, burn…).
  • Insect bite: our goal is to relieve pain and limit the inflammatory reaction (swelling, redness).
  • Scar: life is often hectic and leaves marks on the body, we prefer these marks of life to be as pretty as possible. This treatment optimizes the natural healing process of the skin.
  • Osteoarthritis: it hurts every day, this care helps to reduce the daily pains. It won’t cure osteoarthritis but it will relieve the pain to improve the quality of life.
  • Oedema: as long as it is localized, we can act on it to help it resorb.
  • Tendinopathy: It often bothers us for months. With this care, the process of tendon repair is accelerated.
  • Radiodermatitis: these side effects of radiotherapy can be alleviated with this soothing treatment. To be carried out in agreement with your doctor because some oncological treatments are photosensitizing.


  • Combo glow: healthy glow care coupled with anti-aging for a skin with a radiant complexion, the skin gradually regains elasticity and is plumped up! Biolux acts in depth on the skin to boost the mechanisms that tend to diminish with age. Taking care of your skin while respecting it is our principle.
  • Eye contour care: at last, a care product to help defativate the eyes. How does it work? By reducing the oedemas responsible for the swelling of the lower eyelid or blue circles of vascular origin. Blood flow and lymphatic drainage are targeted by the treatment to limit the appearance of signs of fatigue.
  • Anti-redness: our skin is sometimes more sensitive than expected. For those who have reactive skin from time to time, this treatment allows you to quickly calm the sensation of “hotness” and redness.
  • Rosacea: here, we talk about chronic inflammation/rediness. An ideal treatment to soothe the skin without aggressing it in order to regain comfort.
  • Acne: Biolux care is a good solution for mild to moderate acne. The care will act through various actions: bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. All this without drying the skin or attacking it.
  • Repair: a treatment to help the skin regenerate and limit scars after treating acne or rosacea.


  • Oily hair: to regulate the sebaceous glands responsible for sebum, we do not eliminate the sebum which is essential for the hair, we rebalance it.
  • Bioregeneration of hair: this treatment brings energy to the hair root to boost growth.
  • Anti-hair loss: By improving blood circulation, this treatment optimizes the supply of nutrients to the hair root to slow down hair loss. It stabilizes what is still alive.
  • Post-implant/PRP/mesotherapy: this treatment accompanies you.


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