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The first all-in-one anti-aging cleanser that can be used in the shower, based on ultra- innovative «cell cleaning» technology, stimulating the process of skin self- regeneration. The skin appears ultra-clean, fresh and clear.


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Detoxifies the cell by eliminating degraded constituents, which tend to make it senescent prematurely. This powerful mechanism is essential for maintaining cellular homeostasis and preserving the youth of tissue.

Basic biological principle

To maintain its homeostasis, the cell must remove various degraded and accumulated conmponents. Recently discovered on the skin, autophagy is nowadays a powerful mechanism, essential for detoxifying cells and ensuring their proper functioning, as well as to limit senescence.

Cosmeceutical benefits

  • It contains an ultra-efficient cleaning agent system designed to remove impurities from the epidermis without altering the natural hydrolipidic balance.
  • Prevents defatting and drying of tissues.
  • Gently exfoliates without stripping, improving the texture and appearance of the skin (shine, dilated and visible pores, irregular skin texture, fine lines, skin hyperpigmentation…).
  • Helps to rebalance the skin’s pH, which tends to become alkaline with age.
  • Detoxifies the cell by eliminating degraded components, which tend to accelerate its ageing process.
  • Reveals the complexion’s radiance, neutralising the free radicals involved in skin ageing.

Instructions for use

As part of the Nescens cosmeceutical regime, for deep cleansing, use the detoxifying exfoliating cleanser, in the shower, daily, on the face and body which have been previously moistened. Emulsify and rinse.

Nescens creates a new era of shower gels. On contact with water, this translucent gel loaded with blue anti-oxidant microbeads turns into a creamy foam that deeply cleans, leaving the skin fresh and smooth.

Its carryable size and its “all in one” action make it a universal product, usable in all circumstances.

All skin conditions. Ideal for dull complexions in search of radiance.

Unisex use. Clinically tested under dermatological control.

Main active ingredients

  • Coco-Betaine, Decyl Glucoside: foaming cleansing agents. Removes impurities from the epidermis without altering the natural hydrolipidic balance.
  • Coco-Glucoside: superfatting active ingredient of vegetable origin (derived from coconut and sunflower oil). Prevents the defatting and drying of tissues due to washing. Softens and moisturises the skin.
  • Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate: very mild cleaning agent, derived from an amino acid and a natural fatty acid. Excellent cleaner, even in hard water. Leaves the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Hydrolysed Candida Saitoana Extract (Celldetox): purified active ingredient, yeast extract (Candida Saitoana), rich in alpha-glucans, obtained by biotechnology process, essential for activating the cutaneous autophagic system. Strengthens the cellular detoxification process by eliminating altered components (oxidised proteins and peroxidized lipids) that saturate the cells. Guarantees cell and tissue longevity. Improves the surface condition of intoxicated skin, smoothes the micro-relief and revives the complexion’s radiance. Limits the signs of photoageing, reduces wrinkles and improves skin homogeneity.
  • Unispheres nt-2103 (blue): blue microspheres containing Vitamin A and E that actively combat wrinkles and delay the ageing process. Improves the texture and firmness of the skin.
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5): hydrates, stimulates cell proliferation and promotes tissue regeneration. Protects and provides softness and velvety skin.
  • Glycolic acid: alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Helps to dissolve the intercellular cement responsible for abnormal keratinisation and promotes skin hydration. Activates the natural process of dead cells removal and improves the appearance of acne-prone skin.
  • Chondrus Crispus Powder (Carrageen or Red Algae): presents soothing, moisturising and restructuring properties. Creates a protective film.

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